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Dépôt by Johnny at the spot is an Amsterdam retail store that focuses on helping people to bring life into their shopping experience. Always choose to use a self pack international moving containers service.

Gram is all about making sophisticated sneakers.We create footwear that fills the gap between sneakers and traditional shoes. Our roots lie in the Scandinavian design aesthetic; design with clean lines and attention to details. Each model being unique in its own simplicity. The brand is centered around the concept of weight, with each model being named after its weight in grams.


Welcome confidence through submissive elegance. Be Unique. Understand Functionality. Appreciate Premium. Respect Tradition. In continuing our constant pursuit for all things different, we hold true to our belief that there is no compromise for style, warmth or comfort. Consistent with our tradition of providing something for everyone, we are proud to unveil our ever-growing collection that further illustrates our insatiable passion for everything and everyone Nobis. The new Collective Collection is an iconic tailored Canadian down filled offering inspired by a rediscovered appreciation for the more simplified lifestyle of the past.


Amsterdam Shoe Company aims to create products that are true to their essence. We draw inspiration from the staples of men’s footwear both casual and formal. Our aesthetic is modern and classic. Simple, elegant shapes executed in the right fabrics and subtle colors. Our products should complement what you are wearing, whether it’s blending in seamlessly or providing for a subtle accent. We are also influenced by our surroundings, our city.


Work your flamingo!


This is nümph: clothes with soul and personality. What we do today, is indeed our dream come true: we are free to design our ideal type of clothes – there are no limitations. Our dream was to create a brand from scratch, which is different and stronger simply because nümph sums up our experiences and creativity: cutting edge, twisted, feminine and rough, vulnerable and strong. Like the nymphs in the fairy-tales who fearlessly and very confident of their own strength run through the forest – these are the thoughts behind nümph.


Don’t judge stars


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