and less

You don’t need much clothes – as long as you are aware of which few pieces that are part of creating you. We live in a fast changing world, in which we constantly seek to fit in. A world characterized by having to make decisions – fast – and most hopefully the right ones. A world that has turned us into being insatiable creatures who want more, bigger and better skills. That’s why we have created And Less. A space where we seek mindfulness. A space where it’s all about living in the present with positivity and being light hearted as benchmarks.

And Less takes its starting point in the Scandinavian simplicity, the Nordic thoughtfulness and last but not least in the tradition for craftsmanship. A balance between past and future traditions and modernism. We highlight luxury, which can be sensed, touched and felt in our designs and in our good craftsmanship as well as choice of materials. We apply a minimalistic approach with refined textiles and weaves – And Less is uncompromising when it comes to quality. It clearly shows in the passion we put into design, clothing and brand as a whole.

Our attitude also shines through in the choice of colors, but contrasts are a significant factor. Therefore, our palette is dominated by calm and classic shades, now and then twisted by contrasts. This is the point where art meets fashion technology and you feel them both playing in harmony.

And Less is a way of life, where the expression created with And Less reflects the intellectual and reflecting woman of today. Never trying to fit in as ordinary, but constantly seeking re-invention of herself. Our state of mind keeps us open and wondering, that’s our guild.

We are not just creating clothes in a style you would only wear to work, but a style you also want to wear out in the surroundings, where you enjoy your social life after work. The design is fitted for the situations of the evolving everyday life regardless of age. This ensures that you are always dressed for the unexpected.