Since 1919, Champion has inspired athletes and active people on and off the field as one of the America’s most popular sportswear brands. While their clothing was adopted as streetwear as early as the 1970s, in recent years they’ve seen a huge revival as heritage sports brands gain traction among style lovers.

As time goes on, fashion is becoming increasingly focused on the marriage of comfort and style and the concept of power dressing, popular in the 80s, is becoming an archaic idea of a bygone era. As a result, many sportswear brands across the globe have tapped into new markets by becoming the go-to destinations for the modern, young workforce.

Alongside their classic lines, many athletic labels now offer smarter, more contemporary alternatives that maintains the comfort and versatility of the brand while tweaking certain elements to increase it’s suitability to working environments. Champion is one such brand that has seen massive growth in recent years as well as becoming one of the modern day man’s go-to sportswear providers.