We are working every day to be as sustainable as we can possibly be. Thinking out of the box about the subject, we decided we had to tackle the mystery of the missing sock. After all, if you lose one sock of a pair, you tend to throw away the other. A complete waste of both resources and the time you spend looking for the missing one.

“Throwing out missing socks is like throwing away the whole production cycle.”
Scientists have looked into the mystery as well and unraveled the cause of one of life’s greatest mysteries by discovering the secrets of why our socks go missing in the wash.

At least one sock disappears with every wash.
The result is a pile of lonely socks without their better half. How can this happen? Psychologist and statisticians claim to have solved the mystery. Their conclusion is; people are sloppy.

In the study, they surveyed over 2000 people. These 2000 people lose on average 1.3 socks a month*.

For the Netherlands only this would mean that every month about 22 million socks disappear.

That adds up to an incredible figure of 265 million in one year! Think of what this would mean for the globe.

The figures are based on a small sample group, but the numbers are smashing.
The main factors causing the missing socks were found to be the complexity of the washing load and the laundry size. The bigger and more complex, the higher the probability of a sock getting lost. Another important factor is our visual awareness during doing the laundry. We are often short in attention and use shortcuts to save time and effort. If we think a sock is lost, because we can’t find it in a split-second, we convince ourselves it’s lost.

Qnoop is here to solve this mystery once and for all!
Simple and effective. Our socks are designed with a button on the one, and a loop on the other. The only thing you need to do is tie them together and never lose a sock again! Mystery solved! Easy as that.

“Save time matching your socks and spend it doing things you love.”

Source: qnoop.com/green-story/the-only-pair-that-stays-a-couple